2PCS Laser Lightsaber Boy Gril Toys Sword Cosplay Sabre
2PCS Laser Lightsaber Boy Gril Toys Sword Cosplay Sabre

2PCS Laser Lightsaber Boy Gril Toys Sword Cosplay Sabre

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Experience a fun battle with your friends using this 2 Pieces Laser Lightsaber Toy Sword!

Are you tired of the boring swords that look basic and don’t make you feel any stronger? Then why not level up and get a laser lightsaber toy sword to make your battles more fun with friends? Besides, what can be cooler than a laser lightsaber sword that makes you feel like a warrior in Star Wars? Yes, you heard that right! Now you can set up a battlefield and enjoy a Star Wars warrior experience with this light and glowing 2 Pieces Laser Lightsaber Toy Sword. So what’s making you wait now? Get up, grab your laser lightsaber sword, and conquer your battles like a hero!

  • 2-in-1 Design - for you to combine 2 lightsaber swords conveniently and make a single large sword to enjoy a more exciting fighting experience.

  • Color Changing - so you don’t have to use the word with just one or two colors. Instead, you can change around 6 colors on the sword and enjoy it’s cool appearance everytime the color changes on either side of the sword.

  • Smart Technology - that offers you an LED light flashing mode to choose while using this lightsaber sword. So even if you’re in the dark, this sword will help you light up your way! Apart from that, it also comes with a color and sound motion sensitive feature, which allows the sound and color to be activated whenever you move while holding the sword. Now that’s a cool feature, right?

  • Perfect for Various Occasions - so you can carry this sword on special days like halloween, birthday parties, and casual plays. Just carry this with yourself and see how cool you look in front of everyone.

How to Use this 2 Pieces Laser Lightsaber Toy Sword?

  • Add 3 pieces of batteries in the sword. 
  • After that you need to connect both pieces of sword and lock them in place correctly.
  • Now you can move the word around to see it glow and change colors.
  • When you play around with the sword, it will automatically start glowing with changed colors and sound. 
  • Now it’s time for you to act like a warrior and fight away your enemies - you’re in full power!

Product Specifications:

  • Plastic Material: PVC

  • Material: plastic;

  • Single size: 66.5cm;

  • Connected Size: 133cm;